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The Buzz - Newsletter

The Cowaramup Drive Trails Launch 

Whats on Tap at Southern Forests Honey 

    Raw Mead
    As raw as it comes, we let this one ferment out a bit further giving a higher Alcohol and a definite fire in the belly. Made using a dark forest honey it’s a sharp taste with natural bitterness. Keep it cold and drink within a few days
    9% ABV
    Short mead
    This Short Mead has been produced using a smoked barley to produce a subtle back note. Drinking like a cider, do not Bee fooled, its a Mead through and through, with a bit of fizz for fun. Keep it cold and drink within a few days
     6.5% ABV
    Ale Mead 
    Front and centre is a Dark ale which has been fermented with mead yeasts and our very own selection of honey. This Braggot has bitterness and lingering sweetness . Keep it cold and drink within a few days 6.5%ABV
    Ginger Mead
    Southern Forests Honey Indian Ginger and a touch of Vanilla. This Mead has it all not overpowering but a gentle ginger warm. Ke

    Southern Forests Honey is pleased to announce that with the support from State Government we will be further developing our Business plans and looking to the East for further distribution partners. 

    Starting as a humble Husband and Wife team it has been a long road to current day operations. When asked about the grant Simon said it will provide much needed finacial support . The funds will assist with preparation of business plans looking to the future expansion of operations for Southern Forest Honey . 

    If you are looking trade relationships through Southern Forests Honey please contact Simon on  

    - Beekeeper Profile - Sarah Green - 

    1. What's your favourite part of what you do? 
    Being out in the bush, immersed in nature and the satisfaction of watching the transformation of a bustling Colony of bees progress from a virtually empty frame to a capped, weighty full one.  But we also thoroughly enjoy sharing our experiences by allowing everyone to develop their own love for beekeeping and honey, by exploring and tasting our products
    2. What advice would you have for anyone wanting to keep bees at home?
    Connect with your community, join the Beekeepers group or Apiarists Society in your locality to get the most relevant, hands on information and workshops for your area.  
    Join BICWA  (Beekeeping Industry Council WA) to make sure you are up to date in regard to the latest research and procedures when it comes for caring and maintenance of your hives concerning pests and diseases.
    Ensure you have great quality equipment
    Lastly, be committed, determined and enjoy what you do
    3. What process does your honey undergo from the hive to jar? 
    As little as possible.  We extract on each apiary site, by moving the hives into our portable extraction trailer.  Each frame is gently spun (before systematically being returned to the box and returned to the forest location) thus removing the honey, along with any pieces of waxy comb straight into a IBC (1000 kg) vessel.  This IBC is transported to our Packing Shed where this honey is poured into a holding tank before being filtered into another IBC.  Our automatic dispensing machine is then attached via a hose which, by a press of a button, accurately fills each glass jar to the desired weight.  Quality Assurance checks are carried out each step along the way including when being labelled and placed upon our shelves.
    4. Is it true that you can get honey from only one type of flower? 
    No.  Being migotary, commercial beekeepers we have to transport our 300 hives around to different sites in the SW WA region, to follow the seasonal Honey flow.  So typically every other month, the flowers on one particular native tree or bush finish and another one begins, therefore we move all the hives (after dusk so they are all tucked into bed for the night!) onto the next location.  Some seasons maybe a poor flowering for that variety.  Some seasons the tree may flower but produce very little nectar and pollen, Some seasons the tree may not flower at all, so its important that we keep abreast of each site from year to year, have many sites for each season or flowering and keep historic records.
    5. Do you have a favourite honey and why? 
    Its really hard to select one as they all have their own unique characteristics, tasting notes and uses.  I am a huge fan of Jarrah for its richness and depth of flavour along with its amazingly high medicinal content and when we can get it, there is nothing quite like the honey from the Peppermint trees.  Its a beautiful orangey colour and has a remarkable nutty, lingering aftertaste. 
    6. What other products do you make from your honey?  
    For over a decade now we've mastered the transformation of our raw honey into creamed honey, which we also infuse with ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle and Ginger = delightful.
    Our Cellar door offering is expanding with our Mead, Honey WInes, and now Fortified Meads and Braggot (Beer + Mead)
    We also have an extensive variety of other Honey pantry items in our Chefs Range. This includes Salad Dressings, Sauces, Marinades and our popular Chocolate Honey.
    By adding a little Honey and sometimes Beeswax to our Skin products, "Heart of the HIve" includes our Hand wash, Shampoos and Body Butter


    - 5th May 2021 Update -

    At our Colony Concept Venue in Metricup we've had a few important changes for Winter 2021: 

    • Retail opening hours are from 10 - 4 
    • Our restaurant will be temporarily closed for the Winter 
    • We'll be introducing lots of yummy new products so watch this space!
    • Bee Work Shops will be announced within the next few weeks, please watch Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

    - Newsletter Archive -

    - November 2019 - 

    Well it has come to be that on the 13th of November 2019 We proudly opened our newest adventure. A fully operational honey retail education centre with Restaurant stocking our very own honey wines and beer. We would like to thank all those involved with the construction of this new venture especially MG Constructional The State Government of Western Australia Southwest Development commission and of course family and friends. The result is new shiny and definitely sure to be a new must stop for the region .

    We are boasting WA's largest viewing hives biggest selection of honey and related products and impressive menu.

    Come in and say hi to the team at Southern forests Honey  "The Colony Concept" 

    Simon and Sarah Green . 





     A new promo Video for the Southern Forest Honey team goes live 




    A reach out to new or developing businesses starting in the Honey Industry.

    The Honey Industry is a great place to be at this time.

    Southern Forests Honey over the last 8 years has established itself in the region as a trusted honey producer packer and distributor of WA honey.

    Before we get started there are a few things to consider. The prized Jarrah honey most are asking about is in high demand and for those looking to build a business around it you will need quite deep pockets. The problem being it does not always generate nectar and this year is a prime example. When it does become available you may need to consider purchasing at least 2 years supply.

    We have built our business around trust, reputation and relationships we have secured and maintained over time allowing us continuity of supply. Our customers are pleased with our ability to fulfil Southern Forest Honey branded products all year.

    When it comes to dealing with bulk honey sales, we do offer a website portal in which approved customers can purchase large quantities of honey from a selection of approved beekeepers and we will warehouse and supply in packaged form as requested.

    Some general considerations to think about.

    How have you been involved with the industry?

    Are you a member of any of lobby or marketing groups?

    Do you have an established logistics network? What are the quantities you are considering?

    What is it you seek ? ie to supply honey in bulk or packaging?

    If you are a honey producer and are looking at ways in which to market your product have you considered the above and the benefits of working together.

    If you are a honey retailer/exporter do you have a good supply partner for the business you are building?

    We are established members of the beekeeping community and looking forward to a long sustainable future for all those active in the Honey Industry.

    We are more than happy to discuss some options with you .


    Simon Green

    Southern Forests Honey South West Western Australia



    Grant Success 

    Wow ! Sensational news

    Southern Forest Honey has been operating in the Southwest WA since 2010 and has organically grown from a small business, managed by Simon and Sarah Green, to now a company providing local employment, educational information and distribution options for regional Pure Western Australian Honey and Bee related products.

    Following the announcement of the Regional Economic Development Grant supported by the state Government, we aim to increase the capacity and scope of operations to further develop local and export business, as well as education for public and industry.

    We are embarking on a new stage, there will be a great deal of development to the current business with completion of The Colony Concept facility providing attraction for visitors to the region and greater employment opportunities.

    Southern Forests Honey is owned by Beekeepers and would like to thank the State Government, South West Business Development Commission, Local businesses to whom promote us and all our customers for the devoted support over the last 8 years and beyond.



    Simon makes a shoutout to buyers of honey across the state . So jump on the facebook page like and share so everyone can get some Southern Forests Honey . 



    Southern Forest Honey

    Beequal Certified 2018 

    Thank you to the staff of Southern Forests Honey for once again helping us to reach the level of full Beequal certification . By following industry guidelines your are helping to ensure our honey is equal too or better than any honey available on the market local and worldwide.



    Winners of Margret River Business award

    Finest Local Producer

    We are very proud to announce that Southern Forests Honey won the 2016

    Margaret River Regional Business Awards for Finest Local Producer. 

    Beekeeping Workshops 

    We are excited to be facilitating more of our

    ‘Honey for Home’ Beekeeping Workshops

    These workshops will be held in the Spring.  Dates for 2018/2019 will be released nearer the time. Please register your interest below: