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TA Rating


Unique to Western Australia Jarrah , Marri and Wa Manuka are commonly regarded as Medihoneys,

Where advertised, varieties are laboratory tested to highlight the level of anti-microbial activity it maintains, or its Total Activity rating.

Simply put, the higher the number, the greater the properties within the honey. 

Science allows us to understand more of its potential strength, their higher ratios of anti-oxidants and high anti bacterial properties which are to be admired, as they potentially have the ability to heal and restore when applied externally or consumed on a regular basis.

In order to maintain the properties of these honeys we recommend not heating above 35 degrees celsius.

We recommend the following common uses (This is not medical advice) 

  • A tea to sooth sore throats, along with cinnamon or turmeric
  • Applied externally on wounds or burns
  • Applied under bandage  
  • Drizzle raw on your favourite breakfast, breads or dessert.

 There is a vast amount of information on Jarrah and Marri available on the internet although should you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly. or  for additional information please consider contacting