FAQ's - Southern Forests Honey and Keepers Mead and Brewing Company

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Q.  Do I need to book for lunch ?

A.  Yes please ! It really helps us to plan ahead and ensure we have enough team members to accommodate the day, especially on weekends and holidays.  You can easily contact us with your name, your party numbers, time you'd like to join us and best contact number bookings@southernforestshoney.com.au or 9755 7777.


Q. Do we have to pay to enter your Live Bee Display and Education room ?

A. Currently no, you are free to wonder around at your leisure, it is located next to our retail and tasting area. 


Q. Can we BYO wine with lunch ?

A.  No.  As a fully licensed restaurant, we can offer our own Honey Wines and Meads by the bottle or glass,  or carefully selected local wines, beers and ciders.


Q.  How do you practice sustainable beekeeping ?

A.  Our trained beekeepers follow the same practices which allow the skill of bee husbandry, keeping our colonies healthy and productive.  We breed our own Queen Bees to ensure consistency.  We move our hives regularly to ensure a mixed diet.  Our apiary sites are previously sited to ensure clear access, bushfire plans are in place and far free from any GM crops or spraying.


Q. And because we always get asked everyday! How can you guarantee that your bees will only go to one tree source ?

A.  Because with over 350 hives, our apiaries (or specifically vetted locations) need to meet our criteria, and being in such a vast area, when flowering, our bees will travel the shortest distance to get the most balance diet they can with a rich nectar and pollen content.. Additionally, being so experience now, we use our seasonal senses.  We can see what tree is flowering, what the honey tastes like, smells like, its viscosity and the rate at which it candies, these factors all indicate the variety and what we label it as.