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Export and Bulk honey Sales

Southern Forests Honey and its associated Beekeepers are located in Western Australian , our Raw Honey is considered as some of the purest in the world. We don’t use chemicals or antibiotics in our beekeeping practises, resulting in our products being sought after and accepted all over the World as naturally pure.
We have experience exporting honey from Western Australia to a number of different countries wishing to stock a range of our Australian honey or related products to their markets.
We manage areas of relevant certifications required, laboratory testing and our range of secure packaging methods and efficient shipping configurations assures your product arrives safe.
Marketing is a strong focus of ours.  We understand the consumer wants to be connected with both producer and outlet, therefore we update our photo and video library regularly as we are eager for those relationships maintained.
If you opt to purchase packaged honey from us, you'll be included in our digital platforms including QR coded tamper seals. 
 We guarantee your satisfaction as our natural produce is handled and packaged with the upmost care from hive to house. 
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-access to a number of beekeepers
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Simon Green Chief Apiarist
Southern Forests Honey 
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